We are proud to announce that we have 6 puppies (3M+3F)
born November  01 2010 from
All litter is sold !!!

Chelines The Gang Bang Best of Dominion Atlantida

WW 09,R.EURW 08,Int Ch,Ch Pl,Ch Slo,

Club Winner 09+10

EUR CUP JW 05,CH of CH 06,Int Ch,

Ch Mex,Ch RFK, CH Hun,CH Sr,CH Gr

Best of Dominion Nepal is ready to go to Cyprus , new owner is Mrs.Gill Peck


Nitra is ready to go to Thessaloniki , new owner is Mr. Vasilis Nikolaidis,

Nausa is ready to go to Athens Greece, new owner is Mr.John Fridas


Nokia,new owner is Mr.Milan Dosen,Sebastian Hogar Kennel

Nantes, is in Athens Greece, new owner is Mrs. Areti Moussamas

Best of  Dominion Kennel will  keep Nuuk

We like to thanks our Veterinary Mr.Vlastimir Adamovic for all support in this litter.